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FitnessKarma, LLC is dedicated to programming of live and taped shows supporting the holistic approach to a permanent fitness lifestyle change. The holistic approach and practices includes movement, nutrition, wellness, sleep, recovery and other science-based practices. Shows are produced by Howard Leenard Mabry . Because individuals have patterns and behaviors holding  them back, our coaching professionals and guest encourage individuals on their fitness journey. Expert advice and proactive coaching deliver to followers acceleration in ways never thought possible.  

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What They’re Saying

"As a person who has regularly exercised for 30 years, I never considered personal training until I met Howard a few years ago. His tailored, holistic approach was exactly what I was looking for to maintain a high fitness level well into my 50’s. Plus he makes training fun - always challenging, but never boring or dreadful. Never thought I would swing a kettle bell or do dead lifts, but now it’s just part of the routine!
- Andrea C

I have been fortunate to train with Howard for the last year +. Not only has he worked with me to build up my overall strength he has also helped with my movement and mobility. I had several reconstructive knee surgeries in my younger days which have caught up with me in my late 30’s. Howard was able to reconfigure my entire work out program to exclude all forbidden exercises while still working out all muscles groups. On top of great training sessions and workout programs which he changes up frequently to keep things interesting, Howard is also super fun to train with. My hours with him go by in a flash even though I’m busting my butt! His food program is easy to follow and he’s always available for nutrition related questions (although I sometimes eat off target more than planned :)). If you’re looking for someone to help with your fitness goals and have fun while doing it, I cannot recommend Howard enough!
- Charlyne C

How many experiences are really life changing? FitnessKarma is the real thing. If you are serious about a lifestyle change - this is your place! A Holistic approach to fitness & nutrition - Howard truly cares about you and will push you to places you didn't think you could go! After years of being confused about nutrition, working out & emotional food issues - FitnessKarma makes it's easy to live a simple, clean life with clear instruction and daily support. He helps you identify the fads & false information many of us grew up with. I am a 37 year old woman and felt lost after years of trying things that didn't work.

Howard is passionate, funny and hard core and is 100% committed to your success. You will be challenged, encouraged and re-energized. Put your faith in the FitnessKarma program and you will be guaranteed results!

-Bridgette T 



Waterloo, Iowa 50702


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